Individual Private Medical Insurance

Peace of mind for your Private Medical Insurance policy

The UK Private Medical Insurance (PMI) market is a complex place, and we take great pride in helping our customers find the right policy for them and their families, and for the best possible price.

Whether you are considering PMI for the first time, have recently left a company scheme or have been insured personally for many years, Engage Healthcare can offer you the highest levels of personal service, access to all UK insurers, competitive premiums and the peace of mind that your policy fits your needs perfectly.

What’s more, as we are remunerated by our insurer partners, our services to you are completely FREE OF CHARGE.  What’s the catch you ask?  There isn’t one!

Finally, we will act as your continued advocate to the insurer and guide you through the claims process should you need to call upon your policy.  We understand the small print, the claims process and work closely with our insurer partners to ensure that if the time comes, you can focus on getting better.

What does Private Medical Insurance cover?

PMI is designed to cover acute medical conditions and return the insured to their previous degree of activity/state of health in prompt fashion.  Many people enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being able to see a consultant of choice quickly and obtain speedy diagnosis when symptoms present themselves.  From here insured persons are able to undergo operations and other procedures in a private setting at a time to suit them.

In addition to these traditional benefits, a big draw of PMI is for its comprehensive Cancer cover. With postcode lotteries still present in the UK and some high cost Cancer drugs not available, Private Health Insurance can be used as a vehicle to bridge this gap.

What’s new?

There has been a welcome flurry of innovation from insurers in the past few years and we now see a desire to provide much greater value and additional services to customers.  These can include virtual GP’s which use apps and other technology, discounted gym memberships, discounted health screening, free weekly cinema and discounted travel partners to name but a few.

Top tips for buying or reviewing your PMI plan?

  • Don’t use online comparison sites.  It’s fair to say that these are effective for mainstream insurances such as Car and Home, but Health Insurance is a lot more complex and expert advice should be sought.
  • Seek truly independent advice. It isn’t cheaper to go direct in the world of Health Insurance and tied agents or those employed by insurers will not be able to give you a view of the whole market, meaning you’re unable to make an informed choice.
  • Be cautious when considering a No Claims Discount.  They can be a great way to reward you for good health, but a 60% NCD means that the true cost of your policy is actually more than double what you’re actually paying. An adverse claim could see your premium increase significantly.

So why not let us show you what we can do? If you would like us to review your current arrangements or would like a new quote, please contact us and speak to an advisor.