Group Income Protection

Did you know that 1 in 10 employees will be off work for 6 months or more with illness or injury?

Income protection supports your employees in the event of the inability to work due to long term illness or injury by paying a proportion of their salary each month.  This will continue to be paid until the employee returns to work, or retires.

At Engage Healthcare, we understand how traumatic sudden illness can be, as well as how valuable income protection can be to you and your employees. Income Protection schemes will typically begin paying benefit after a initial qualifying stage, or “deferred period” and beyond this, it’s not uncommon for rehabilitation services to be offered as a way to assist the employee back to work.

It can be extremely costly to have a key employee off work long-term due to illness.  Imagine being able to offer your employees up to 80% of their salary if they become too sick to work, as well as covering the cost of their pension and national insurance contributions.

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